Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami turned 65 on the 12th of this January, he is the world-famous Japanese writer of Kafka on the Shore and Norwegian Wood.


But how is one of the greatest novelists of the contemporary postmodern literature related to pinball (who is also known to be a serious marathon runner and explicitly against the use of nuclear energy)?

The connection is certainly the novel Pinball, 1973 (published in 1980 in Japanese, 1985 in English), which is the second part of the famous Trilogy of the Rat. The narrator tells us in the book about his obsession with pinball, the unsurpassed audiovisual experience given him by these machines, about collecting pinball machines, about pouring the half of his salary into pinball during the university years. He also mentions the 4 big manufacturers Bally, Williams, Gottlieb and Chicago Coin, the pins Friendship "7" (Williams, 1962), Grand Tour (Bally, 1964) and Kings & Queens (Gottlieb, 1965), plus he writes about Raymond Maloney who is the inventor of Bally's first pinball machine Ballyhoo (1932) and founder of the corporation itself (you must already know this little pin can be found at our gallery), moreover he describes his later efforts to reunite with on old mysterious pinball machine that he used to play.

Read it by all means, if you can and feel like doing so!