Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode and pinball. Yes!

Yesterday we were watching the fantastic documentary film 101 from 1989 (which is about the exciting moments of the 101st concert of Depeche Mode's 1987-88 gigantic world tour and the story, preparations behind it), when all of a sudden Martin Gore and David Gahan showed up in the company of two pinball machines.


First a Big Guns pinball (Williams, 1987) pops up as the young shirtless Martin enjoys playing on it, then the youthful half-naked Dave shows his pinball and singing skills: the former he presents on a machine called Tag-Team Pinball (Gottlieb, 1985), the latter he flashes by singing the band Roxy Music's song LOVE IS THE DRUG, which would play in the background from the beginning, but Dave only starts crooning it from the section Lumber up, limbo down.

The source of our pics is the original DVD, but anyone who wishes to watch quickly just the pinball related part of the documentary, here you can find it on YouTube: 

Don't forget, the Delta Machine tour (2013/14) is still on with Mart and his friends, the concert series continues all the way across Europe until the beginning of this March.