Pinball in visual arts

Let's start with a special pinball tidbit: we're going to say some words about painter Zsolt Tibor and a few of his works related to pinball!


Zsolt tells us although he's not a great pinball player, but he's a deep and distant admirer of pinballs, especially the lots and lots of layers of them; he looks on them as a variety of technical life-metaphors (he thinks that pinball, also the way of the ball itself is a metaphor of human phenomena, even for life), which combine amazing mechanical, electronic and optical solutions. The aesthetics is The Who's glammy Pinball Wizard filtered through the 70's/80's Hungary of his childhood. He enthusiastically also adds that he believes roughly the same electromechanics moves, narrates numerous tiny microworlds, he sees all this beautiful in its own poplike way. At a quite young age he already watched the Pinball Wizard scene from The Who's musical Tommy. He also has some personal blurry memories about visiting a few bars, where ice cream machines and pinballs were operating.

He was happy to share specifically with us some of his mainly older pinball themed works, which orientate with their title too. We've selected them and just presenting these to you. From left to right and up to down: Pinball, Pinball Town II., Daytime Pinball and a small part of a sketch. We immediately came to like the most the graphite- and paper-based creation Pinball, but it's certainly up to you how you all can see individually, which is the most appealing to you. Pinball Town II. and Daytime Pinball are also real expressive (these are canvas-based, made with mixed technique).

Zsolt's famous large drawing named Pinball II. can be viewed on one of the most significant Hungarian contemporary museum's (Museum Ludwig) website, do not miss it if his formerly shown works of art aroused your interest:
It is worth mentioning that Ludwig Museum in 2012 bought this outstanding artwork for their collection, which is a huge recognition in an artist's life.

Here you can find Zsolt's sleek and sophisticated website (with some of his other works), you may want to pay a visit to him:
We want to highlight one of his astonishing installations in space called Studio Pinball:

Somewhat related to our current topic we also suggest clicking on the following link, where you can see a modified pinball table, which itself can actually paint as the ball carries the paint with it (we think it's brilliant, but also according to Zsolt it's a very beautiful and minimalist project):

We'd be glad if you accepted this brief outlook with openness, thanks for your attention!