Hungarian rock band Fáraó

We flew back a bit to the Hungarian music of the 80s, namely to the band Fáraó (Pharaoh in English). In the music video of the group's song called Elég volt (Enough in English) the young Attila Gidófalvy sings with serious vehemence that he does not care about anything, just rock & roll, and he had enough of boys who became girls.


In addition, however, there is also a real interest in the video (to the pinball loving eye too): the pinball machine Time Warp (Williams, 1979) pops out a few times! It's otherwise a strangeness of the machine that some models are equipped with curved banana flippers, which can make the game very exciting.

You should know that this is probably the only pinball that has depiction of male nudity on it (namely Leonardo Da Vinci's famous sketch of the Vitruvian Man on the backglass).
So taking this into consideration and looking at the center of the backglass, Pharaoh's choice of this pinball machine for the song and the video was obviously not made by accident.
(Needless to say, Time Warp can be found in Pbal Gallery's collection awaiting your curious eyes.)

Here you can watch the ensemble's aforementioned musical video; the machine is to be seen from the 20th second, even a small pinball lifting can fit also (our photos are from this clip too):