Why Pinball Museum?


It is not that easy to catch the essence of Budapest Pinball Museum. Not because the place itself is so complicated - children also love it, we need more and more step stools so that kids can play with the bigger machines, too.

A lot of folks arrives with family and youngsters simply don't want to leave. This is a dream come true for us: we're becoming more and more a family place and program.

When it's about the essence of Budapest Pinball Museum, our visitors seem to be more inventive than us. They freqeuntly mention expressions like 'freedom', 'living in the moment', or 'a journey back to childhood'. We think there's a lot of truth in it. We have put some of the quotations from Tripadvisor (with link referring to the original source). These are important feedbacks and of course also shape the image of our museum.

When we are featured in the international or domestic media, or get high rankings on tourism websites, we are really grateful for it. We put empahise on the tidy environment and friendly smile. We have also opened a cosy snack bar for those who might want to stop playing and grab some refreshments before the next round.

And then, when the last visitor has left, the next round starts, which is the continuous work where engineers fix the hearts and souls of the machines and clean their bodies. Considering that in our museum one can actually play with the first pinball ever made with flipper arms (just like almost all the other machines), our experts are not only electicians, but restorers, too. Here at the museum we learn something new every day about the functioning and history of these pop culture relics.

For those who would like to know more about the machines we have placed boards on the top of the machines. These provide basic info about the producers, designers and of course the pinballs itself. For groups of over 20+ people we offer guided tours as well. It feels good that more and more people come to Budapest especially because of our Museum - either as visitors or as contestants of our tournaments. We are becoming an integral part of an international community: we have also been offered to exhibit pieces of European collectors.

But for us, it is still not that easy to catch the essence of Budapest Pinball Museum.... :)