Arcadia Exhibition is not only an opportunity to deploy machines that we cannot squeeze into the museum, but also to rethink and refresh the collection of the pinball museum- This year was no different and we managed to jam a few awesome newcomers into our existing premises.

First of all, our ultimate favorite 'Budapest' pinball, especially made for this year's Arcadia - now also available in Radnóti Miklós street. Then, Altar Furnitures' ingenious pinball furnitures: if that playfield embedded in a golden R2D2 doesn't get you excited, maybe you're not even a real Star Wars fan! Of course we didn't forget about the 'other kind of people in this world': video game people! (Yes, it's a reference to the movie 'Copland' :) ). From now on, classic video cabinets just like Phoenix (you know, eggs hatching into blue alien birds flying diagonally, then exploding) from 1981 or Vanguard (Scramble's challenger with a spaceship that shoots in four different directions) from 1981.

Only thes machines make a visit to us worthwile. Stay tuned for more novelties in our forthcoming posts!