Just a quick update: we continue doing our job, tirelessly restoring pieces of the past, saving them from the threatening oblivion, so that by the time we can meet again at the museum (or, at Arcadia, for that matter) they will shine in timeless splendor.

In the picture you can see the resurrection of a machine which, in its heyday had been part of the collection of the amusement park in the city of Dunaujváros, that closed in 1993. In the first pic this awesome Turf Champ by Willams (from 1958) is surrounded little pioneers (members of the communist youth movement) at the arcade of the park. In the orther pics you can see the glorious rebirth of the machine, thanks to the expertise of our maintenance artists.

This machine, a unique representative of the horse racing pinballs from the 50’s is waiting impatiently for the re-opening, similarly to us. Looking forwards to seeing you soon again!