As promised, we keep you updated on the new developments of Arcadia until September. Since we have received many questions during the last few days, here is a quick update on the most important ones.

Firstly, ‘M’Lord Days’ will be Friday and Saturday. 400 seat will be available both days. Tickets to the fan meeting will be sold on a first come first served basis, for the first 800 persons buying
Arcadia tickets. Start of presale will be announced well in advance, most probably in June, if earlier, we’ll let you know. Regular Arcadia tickets and youth tickets will cost HUF 5000 and 3500, respectively.

As Arcadia is traditionally Central Europe’s biggest retro arcade game exhibition, most naturally pinball machines, arcade video cabinets and vintage console games will also play an important part at the show. There will be more than 300 Arcade machines, out of which 50 are never previously displayed, lots of them are made especially for children (suitable for adults, as well, of course). More info on programs and dates is coming soon, here’s a taste: on Saturday and Sunday the Park’s services (railway, draisine, steam locomotive) will be available free of charge using your visitor tickets.

As already mentioned, should you change your mind until the 31st of August, 2020, we simply give your money back. Refund is of course also available, without a time limit, if the event gets cancelled or any changes in the program occurs (even in the list of our guests).

We’re looking forwards to welcoming you at Arcadia!:)