Originally, we didn’t even think about writing a post on this, as we consider it an obvious fact: if an event is cancelled, you are entitled to get your money back.

However, as quite a few questions and issues arose about cancelled events and concerts recently, we thought it was important to share our views on the subject. First and foremost, we are confident (otherwise we wouldn’t be working on it) that the weekend of the 25th of September will be perfectly suitable to held Central Europe’s biggest arcade game exhibition and ‘You Rang M’Lord’ convention.

It’s good to know that when you purchase an Arcadia ticket, a refund is available on it: should you change your mind until the 31st of August, 2020, we simply give your money back. Refund is of course also available, without a time limit, if the event gets cancelled or any changes in the program occurs (even in the list of our guests).

We are also getting questions as to when the presale for the event starts. We have to clarify some technical questions and get back to you with this as soon as possible.Many thanks for your continued interest and also, for your patience.