Authorization granted by the Ministry of Human Resources, which makes possible for our pinball gallery to operate officially as a public exhibition:


Herein we also emphasize that our gallery (in which international pinball competitions take place too) is especially a family- and child-friendly public exhibition. Our concept is far from any kind of gambling and slot machine, or from operating these. We do not sell alcohol.
The exhibits as parts of the collection within the walls (decorated with numerous pinball relics) of Pbal Gallery got registered into the official museum inventory, these works of art are equipped with information boards on the top of them, in order to understand better their historical background.
These machines were made during the past 143 years, and as cultural goods (like the ones exhibited at the world famous Game On retro show in Hungary and worldwide) they are set to free play, they don’t accept coins or tokens (so to make it more clear to everyone we taped and blocked all of their coin slots).