Why is it a “museum”?

This exhibition is home to 160 machines, making it Europe’s favourite ongoing interactive museum dedicated to pinball machines.

We have pinball predecessors and so called bagatelles from the 19th century, and you can actually play with the machines from the 30’s and 40’s. The first pinball ever made with flippers, called Humpty Dumpty from 1947 can also be found in our collection, similarly to other pinball superstars lsuch as Addams Family or Indiana Jones.

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Should I insert a coin into the machines in order to play?

All machines in the museum are available for limitless playing after paying a one-time fee of 4200 (3000 for those under 26 or above 62) until the museum closes.

All the machines in the museum are available for playing?

There are some 160 different machines in the exhibition, with vintage rarities amongst them – all available for limitless playing.

How can I pay on the spot?

Currently we accept both card & cash as a form of payment (and also gift tickets purchased in the museum).

From what age can children enjoy playing pinball?

Of course it varies from child to child but in our experience, from age 3 kids usually tend to appreciate pinball machines. We also have step stools for the younger.

Is the museum accessible for the disabled?

Unfortunately, for the time being, there’s still room for improvement for us in this area – we are located in a basement of a century old apartment house downtown Budapest.

Is there wi-fi in the museum?

Yes, our wireless network is available for all our visitors.

Should I inform the museum that I’m coming to visit accompanied by a bigger team?

No – only if you are planning to reserve our gallery, as well. In this case it is advised to let us know about your reservation needs well in advance ( most especially in the holiday season). For further details about our gallery pls. see the ‘Gallery’ chapter below.

Is there a toilet and snack bar in the museum?

Yes, there is toilet and a snack bar too.

On what conditions can I rent the gallery in the museum?

Up to 10 persons, our venue room rental fee is HUF 45,000 for the duration of 3 hours. (Over 10 persons, an additional HUF 4200 after each participants). Every additional hour costs HUF 13,000. Events can be held on the gallery, that will be closed with rope barriers for the time of your event. Soda, food and cake is continued to be allowed on the gallery for the time of the events, you can also order pizza delivery here. The furniture here is organized around the game, even the tables and the show-cases are made out of pinball parts and components, with comfy movie chairs and a separate toliet. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises of the museum, including the venue room. The gallery is suitable for 15 to 20 persons maximum.

For further info and reservation please write to

Is there catering available on the gallery?

Pizza delivery is available and you can also bring your own birthday cake and snacks with to the room. There is however a snack bar at the museum offering a wide range of sodas and hot sandwiches, chocolate bars.

Can I also rent the whole museum for my event?

Yes, there is such an option available, primarily on Mondays and Tuesdays when we are closed and also weekdays, outside of our business hours. For further info please write to !

Are dogs allowed at the museum?

We at the museum like dogs very much. This is exactly why we suggest you DO NOT bring your canine friend to our little pinball paradise. Whereas for a human, pinball lights and sounds might be magical, a dog could think otherwise.

How much time am I going to spend here?

Well, it depends on a lot of things, among others, the number of your people you’re coming with. However, in our experience it is 2 to 3 hours which most of our visitors spends here playing and getting acquainted with the exhibition (some spend much more time here, while some spend less).

Is there a gift ticket available at the museum?

Yes, gift tickets are available at the museum. You can purchase it on the spot, during our opening hours, or HERE.

Are you open on bank holidays?

Before visiting on Hungarian bank holidays, please always be sure and check our Facebook page for details: 

How long can I stay in the museum with my wristband?

Your entrance ticket wristband is valid till closing time, no matter how many times you come and go. You can even have a dinner at a restaurant in Budapest then come back and resume playing.

Where can I park?

There are parking places available nearby on the street.