Our venue room is now open to the public.  

In the future, we would like to host you in an even more comfortable environment, further expanding choices for our guests. In order to create this magic, we had to expand our premises, too. The only way to do it was opening our venue room to the public, as of the 1st of January, 2020. This entailed some changes in the sytem of events and birthday parties at the venue room. 

As of the first day of 2020, our venue room rental fee (be it children’s birthday party or any other type of event)) is the total amount of the entrance fees for all participants (but at least HUF 30,000) for the duration of 3 hours. The whole room is not for rent anymore: events can be held on the gallery, that will be closed with rope barriers for the time of your event. Soda, food and cake is continued to be allowed on the gallery for the time of the events, you can also order pizza delivery here. The whole furniture here is organized around the game, even the tables and the show-cases are made out of pinball parts and components, with comfy movie chairs and a separate toliet. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises of the museum, including the venue room. The gallery is suitable for 15 to 20 persons maximum.

For further info and reservation please write to info@flippermuzeum.hu. Looking forwards to welcoming you in 2020, too!